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Nieman Lab

How Free Press convinced New Jersey to allocate $2 million for rehabilitating local news

Nieman Lab

Who wants to share government content? In recent European elections, not many people

Nieman Lab

"There is no Wirecutter for the poor," but if there were, what would it look like?

The Western Journal

New Feedme App Gives Facebook, Twitter Users Ability To Set Own Algorithms

Nieman Lab

Apple might be getting into the podcast-making business. Is its reign as the industry's benevolent overlord coming to an...

Washington Post

A barefoot woman scaled the face of Mount Rushmore, officials said. She almost made it to the top.

Fast Company

This historic map of 6 million syllabi reveals how college is changing

Nieman Lab

What's stopping you from calling something racist in your reporting? Tell this survey (so they can build tools to make i...

Nieman Lab

What will happen when newspapers kill print and go online-only? Most of that print audience will just...disappear

Nieman Lab

What sort of news travels fastest online? Bad news, you won't be shocked to hear

Nieman Lab

How to successfully pitch The New York Times (or, well, anyone else)

Nieman Lab

Nearly 7,000 people threatened to cancel their newspaper subscriptions. Here's what got them to stay.


Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinical-grade accuracy in new research paper

PE Hub

Katira resigns from Hamilton Lane after assault charge: Wall Street Journal

MIT Tech Review

Facebook is actually richer thanks to news of the FTC’s $5 billion fine

Lansing State Journal

Why #BlackGirlMSU went viral on Twitter and what it means for Michigan State University


China’s Huawei plans extensive layoffs at its US operations


Huawei plans extensive layoffs at its U.S. operations: WSJ

Nieman Lab

Working across disciplines: A manifesto for happy newsrooms


Extra! Extra! room for cream, but not newspapers, as Starbucks to stop selling NY Times and others