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McDonald's just admitted a surprising reason why it can't satisfy customers

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Fact-checking may be important, but it won’t help Americans learn to disagree better


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Report: Activision Blizzard shed over 30 employees during misconduct scandal


Activision fired dozens over harassment allegations: WSJ

What Is Your Dog Trying to Tell You? 6 Dog Sounds and What They Mean

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Nearly two thirds of media leaders think their climate crisis coverage is better than everyone else’s


Fitbit and Apple know their smartwatches aren't medical devices. But do you?

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How old laws are being used to shut down independent journalism in Hong Kong

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Should we spend less time fighting misinformation and more time “fighting for information”?


Tesla asked law firm to fire attorney who worked on Elon Musk probe at SEC, report says

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35 journalists and activists in El Salvador were spied on — possibly by their own government