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3D Printing Industry , TCT Magazine

Sculpteo and BASF launch new bio-sourced Nylon PA11 range

Mass Customization Gets Real

3D Printing Industry

New 3D printing jobs at CREAT3D, AON3D and more 

BBC News

Kylie Jenner's cosmetics customers' data compromised

3D Printing Industry

ETH Zurich develop “eggshell” concrete 3D printing method to fabricate “future tree” 

3D Printing Industry

Sculpteo and BASF launch new 3D printing materials for automotive customers

TCT Magazine

Sculpteo and BASF announce availability of new 3D printing materials for automotive customers

3D Printing Industry

Sculpteo publishes State of 3D Printing 2020 survey: 3D printing for production increases

TCT Magazine

CEO Clemént Moreau on a decade of Sculpteo, the BASF acquisition and 3D printing's real killer application

TCT Magazine

AON3D launches large format 3D printing system for high-performance polymers

3D Printing Industry

AON3D launches AON-M2 2020 3D printer - Technical specifications and pricing

3D Printing Industry

New 3D printing jobs: Formlabs, AON3D, and Bluedge are hiring


Zero Mass Water: How the water in the air can save us

TCT Magazine , 3D Printing Industry

BASF acquires online 3D print service provider Sculpteo

Climate Futures: Renewable Energy vs. Technologies of Degrowth


Why Retro Refrigerators Are A Supply Chain Wake-Up Call For Manufacturers

Undisclosed funding

Custom Ink Receives Private Equity Investment

PHlex is a PHabulous idea - a prefab custom wall built to Passive House standards

$11,000,000 Venture capital (Series A)

The/Studio Raises $11M in Series A Funding

Funding Apps & Services

'Industry 4.0' Winners Will Shape Manufacturing Tech M&A

Robotics Technology