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Reuters Tech News , Bloomberg Technology

Twitter names ex Google CFO Pichette as chair, Kordestani to stay on


Twitter names ex-Google CFO Patrick Pichette as new board chairman


Researchers find exposed data on millions of users of quiz app, TVSmiles

Bloomberg Technology

Twitter Suspends Hundreds Tweeting #dcblackout During Protests

The Verge

Twitter takes action against Rep. Matt Gaetz for glorifying violence


Trump-appointed FCC commissioner says Twitter CEO is 'weaponizing' his business for his 'partisan political beliefs'

NYTimes Tech

Twitter Had Been Drawing a Line for Months When Trump Crossed It

Recode , CNET

Facebook and Twitter have the same policies. But only Twitter is fighting Trump.

FutureShift , Sam Wakoba

Twitter's web app now supports saved drafts and scheduled tweets


Twitter Brings Drafts, Scheduling Tweets to

Forbes Tech

Twitter Sanctions White House Tweet, Which Repeated Earlier Trump Tweet

Fast Company

Hush, Trump. Twitter is going easy on you.

CCN Markets

Trump Is Right About Twitter - But Not for the Reason You Think


Nearly half of the Twitter accounts discussing 'reopening America' may be bots


Twitter places public interest notice on President Trump's tweet

CCN Markets

Donald Trump Will Be Livid With Twitter's Latest Tweet-Strike

SiliconRepublic , FutureShift

Twitter explains why it is hiding Trump’s tweet about Minneapolis protests

VentureBeat , TechCrunch

Twitter hides Trump’s Minneapolis tweet and labels it for ‘glorifying violence’

FutureShift , SiliconBeat , CBC Tech and Science

Twitter flags another Trump tweet, this time hiding it from view


Twitter now calls out US President Donald Trump for glorifying violence, restricts his tweet