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Medical Xpress

Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could give boost to gene therapy


3 Reasons Why Cheap Abundant Electricity Is Getting Closer To Reality

the home of AI info

ISSCC2020: CMOS IC integrates quantum dots with conventional electronics

the home of AI info

A Decade of Fusion, Astrophysics and Nanotechnology at PPPL

Reuters Tech News

Quantum tech company Nanoco files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung

the home of AI info

The widening gap between skills and jobs


UNSW use flat electron shells from artificial atoms as qubits


DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors

Ars Technica

Welcome to the era of supercharged lithium-ion batteries

Big ideas with small beginnings: How DCU is harnessing the power of nanotech


QLED or OLED? We compare the two best TV technologies

Ars Technica

Virus tricked into glowing reveals entryway to cellular victim

The Verge

Head of Harvard’s chemistry department arrested for lying about work with China

Nanoparticles Pave the Way for a Million-Mile EV Battery


Researchers expand microchip capability with new 3-D inductor technology

the home of AI info

Artificial intelligence reveals how light flows around nanoparticles

3D Printing Industry

Researchers use inket 3D printing to create gold 3D images


The paints that eat pollutants and heat homes


Nanoparticle levitated by light rotates at 300 billion rpm

New Scientist

Mice given ‘night vision’ by injecting nanoparticles into their eyes