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Pro-Trump Instagram post costs contest winner her grand prize


Netflix was the top grossing app in Q2, with mobile revenue up 233% since last year

Earnings Video streaming Apps
Greentech Media

The Top 5 Emerging Markets for Offshore Wind


Huawei Ranked 83 in the Top 100 of the Latest Fortune 500 List


Swole Jeff Bezos joins Instagram to tease his new rocket factory

Ars Technica , The Verge

Jeff Bezos dons sunglasses, says look at my big rocket factory

Space Manufacturing
@reckless @fromedome via The Verge

How Instagram is reshaping restaurant design

Food & Beverage Photos

A huge new survey shows that teens are bullied most on Instagram and Facebook

Business Insider

Beauty brands are now paying dogs and cats to tout their products on Instagram

Advertising Animals
Ars Technica , TechCrunch

Amazon Spark is a product discovery social network that looks like Instagram

Retail Productivity Photos

Soccer is the most popular sport on Instagram and it’s not even close

CNN Tech

Snapchat adds features as rivalry with Instagram intensifies

Business Insider

The top free app in the App Store right now is being called 'a breeding ground for hate'

Communities Apps
The Guardian

Ten tips that will make you a master of Instagram

Productivity Photos
Business Insider

Instagram is turning the screws on Snapchat by handing advertisers free trials and credits

Advertising Costs
Quartz , PhoneArena

The top products sold across the globe during Amazon Prime Day

Retail Earnings
Business Insider

These were the top-selling items from Amazon's Prime Day around the world

Business Insider

The top 10 shows on Netflix moms 'sneak-binge' throughout the day

Video streaming Family
Business Insider

Facing more antitrust penalties, Google is hiring some of the top lawyers in Europe

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

Instagram bug makes user accounts appear to be deleted

Data leaks