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It's time to standardize robotic surgery

MedCity News

The way we train doctors puts their mental health at risk: We need new solutions

$6,500,000 Venture capital (Series A)

neuro42 Announces the Closing of $6.5M Series A Round


ASAPP's CLIP dataset helps train AI to read clinical notes more efficiently


10,000 steps a day isn't enough to stay fit -- here's what is

MedCity News

ED management software can help to manage change in ER visit demand

Medical Xpress

AI models to analyze cancer images take shortcuts that introduce bias

3D Printing Industry

BIOMODEX LAACS technology delivers new milestone in cardiovascular surgery

MedCity News

As independent practices vanish, experts debate the pros & cons of a consolidated market


Google Cloud: New healthcare survey shows better interoperability improves patients’ lives  

MedCity News

How pharma can find the best KOL experts for over-the-counter medications to educate patients

Fast Company

These industries are being impacted most by the Great Resignation

Pulse 2.0

GKOS Stock Fell 21.41%: Why It Happened

Forbes Tech

Meet The Medical Pioneer Who Founded America’s First Black-Owned Hospital

MIT Technology Review

What being a physician taught one astronaut about living in space


The Dynamic Duo: How virtual scribes and artificial intelligence can reduce physician burnout and …


Next up in physician practice management: OMERS readies sale of Forefront Dermatology

ABC News

Needle exchanges are a proven tool to fight HIV, but officials still want to shut them down

Forbes Tech

This AI Just Evolved From Companion Robot To Home-Based Physician Helper

Forbes Tech

Doximity’s IPO Mints A New Healthcare Billionaire