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COVID is only the most recent crisis to change how we vote in the US


Doing Something About Global Warming Is Cheaper Than Doing Nothing

Fortune Tech

Google to pause political ads on election day after polls close


Google will block election ads after polls close on Nov. 3

CNET , The Verge , Adweek , +1

Google will reportedly block election ads after polls close on Nov. 3

Fast Company

Why you should probably vote in person after all


Election tech: How crisis and change shaped every tool we use to vote

Fast Company

A new generation of younger poll workers is stepping up to protect the elderly from COVID-19

Forbes Tech

Google Will Block Election Ads After Polls Close, Following Other Social Media Companies


Absolut's New Campaign Urges Fans to Vote First—Then Drink


The most dangerous conspiracy theory in 2020 isn’t about blood-sucking pedophiles


Making mail-in voting free is a quick way to raise voter turnout

Android Police

Spotify testing a new feature that lets listeners tell podcasters how they really feel


US officials ring alarm on disinformation after Election Day

The Verge , TechCrunch

Spotify is testing interactive podcast polls within the app

Los Angeles Times

Californians not sold on treating Uber, Lyft drivers as independent contractors, new poll shows

Fast Company

Native Americans are facing voter suppression. This resource wants to help them overcome it

Express Technology , CNET , VentureBeat

Facebook takes down fake pages created in China aimed at influencing polls

CCN Markets

Dow Edges Higher Amid Fed Inflation Pledge, Strong Trump Polling


Everything you need to know about voting in 2020 (but were afraid to ask)