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Bloomberg Business

Venezuela's Polling Places Are Deserted. But They're Still Open

US elections Foreign affairs

Full transcript: ‘Microtrends’ author and political strategist Mark Penn on Recode Decode

US elections

Pew Research Finds Broad Bi-Partisan Support For Solar Power In US

Energy US elections
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Mexican Election Coverage

US elections Science Physics
Nieman Lab

Exiting the exit poll: The AP's new plan for surveying voters after a not-so-hot 2016

US elections

Snapchat's user satisfaction is at an all-time low

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

Instagram’s emoji slider is a new way to poll your friends

Productivity Messaging

Malaysians are routing cash and logistics support through Facebook so they can go home and vote

US elections

How to find your polling station and candidates in the English local election

US elections Travel
Bloomberg Business

How Free Soup Can Build a Constituency in Venezuela

Foreign affairs US elections
Bloomberg Business

Trump’s Approval Rating Rises to 42%, Highest Gallup Reading in 11 Months

Earnings US elections
Bloomberg Business

Russians Want to Hack Your Election? Call Out the National Guard

US elections Warfare

Spring Cloud Stream 2.0 Released with Focus on Performance, Flexibility and Consistency

Software development People
Bloomberg Business

We Are Finally Getting Better at Polls

US elections
Bloomberg Business

What's So Stable About This White House? The Ratings

US elections

Sierra Leone’s electoral commission is pushing back on reports that blockchain powered its election

US elections Payments

Swift Business Forum Canada - live blog

Technology Payments

Cambridge Analytica's History of Dubious Election Tricks

US elections

Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based election

US elections Payments
@ShapeShift_io via CoinTelegraph

Russia: Blockchain Will Be Used To Protect 2018 Presidential Exit Poll Data