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Ars Technica

Forget smart glasses, this smart contact lens prototype has a new vision for AR 


By Wrapping Around Nerves, New Pain Relief Prototype Could Address the Opioid Crisis

Tech Times

EA Unveils Skate 4 New Trailer

Tech Times

Researchers Came Up With an Alternative to Boost Solar Panels’ Ability to Capture Light From Any Angle


How technology can detect fake news in videos


Avio gets pandemic recovery funds to develop launchers for the 2030s

SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy rocket prototype moves to launch pad for tests


When should tech entrepreneurs showcase their product prototypes?


Pixel 7 Pro rumored to have brighter display than Pixel 6 Pro; other specs discovered on prototype

More Google Pixel 7 Pro low-level specs leak from prototype

3D Printing Industry

Goodwood 2022: 3D printing's automotive breakthrough at the Festival of Speed

Ars Technica

SpaceX making progress toward orbital Starship test flight later this year


Researchers develop a wearable textile exomuscle

Fast Company

Henrik Stiesdal helped create wind power as we know it. Will he usher in its next chapter?


Pixel 7 Pro prototype indicates the Tensor 2 could lag behind the competition (once again)

3D Printing Industry

ETH Zurich uses 3D printing to build unique 'hopping' space robot for exploring asteroids


More funding for fusion: Seattle startup lands $160M and reveals technology breakthrough


A simple tool to make websites more secure and curb hacking

Pixel 7's Tensor 2 chipset might offer only modest performance improvements


Zap Energy nets $160M Series C to advance its lightning-in-a-bottle fusion tech