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Bloomberg Business

Move Over Luxury Cars, Germany Wants to Trial Flying Taxis

Robotics Self driving cars Flying

Elon Musk's Boring Company will build high-speed transit tunnels in Chicago

Robotics City life Self driving cars

Ford's latest taxis use diesel and hybrid powertrains

Self driving cars
@TheStalwart via Bloomberg Business

Boeing Asked for Quiet Jetpacks and Got a Bunch of Air Motorcycles


Waymo may get a $465 million tax credit for buying 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrids

Self driving cars
The Verge

Waymo’s fleet of self-driving minivans is about to get a thousand times bigger

Robotics Self driving cars
Wired UK

An obscure Chinese firm has taken over London’s black cabs. Its next target? Beat Uber at its own game

Robotics Taxis
Bloomberg Business

Airbus Steps Up Push for Flying Taxis, On-Demand Helicopters

Android Police

Android tablets coming to taxis in New York City

@pbrody via IEEE

MIT’s Super-Efficient Dispatching Algorithm Minimizes a City's Taxi Fleet

Robotics Taxis Intelligent machines
Bloomberg Business

A Payments Battle Is Brewing in Hong Kong

Asia Payments
SiliconANGLE Media

Uber’s new research hub in Paris will develop technology for flying taxis - SiliconANGLE

Robotics Taxis
The Verge , Bloomberg Business , The Guardian , +1

Uber to open Advanced Technologies Center in Paris focused on flying taxis


Electric Bus vs Autonomous Shuttle vs Ride Sharing: What Is The Future Of Public Transportation

City life Self driving cars Taxis
The Verge

Uber CEO: our future won’t just be cars

Robotics Taxis
The Verge

We can’t forget about mass transit when we talk about the ‘future of transportation’

Robotics Self driving cars

Electric Vehicles This Week: Gurugram, Hyderabad Take to EVs, BYD to Set Up Manufacturing Plant, and More

Self driving cars Asia Energy
TechCrunch , Mashable

Uber's aerial taxi play

Flying Taxis
Bloomberg Business

A Look at Uber’s Flying Car Dream


Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi touts flying cars and rideshare company’s turnaround

Flying Taxis