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'Logan' is no country for old X-Men (spoiler-free review)


Women's Wear Daily Scales Back Print Editions and Cuts Staff

@jeremyl @tristanwalker via The New York Times

White House Bars Times and Other News Outlets From Briefing

US elections Publishing
The Verge

Faraday Future will race the FF91 at Pikes Peak

Nieman Lab

The Ida B. Wells Society wants to build a better pipeline to connect news orgs with journalists of color


The New York Times Joins the Debate About the Truth in Minimalist Ads From Droga5

Wired UK

Where are the human clones? 20 years since Dolly was unveiled we look at the future of cloning


Now part of Nielsen, Gracenote has unified its video, music and sports data

NoCamels , Techvibes , The Verge

Israel's Wix Buys DeviantArt For $36M

TechCrunch , , TNW , +1

Website builder Wix acquires art community DeviantArt for $36M

The Verge

Russia launches website dedicated to flagging ‘fake news’

Foreign affairs Publishing
@davewiner @jayrosen_nyu via Columbia Journalism Review

How Mark Zuckerberg could really fix journalism

Technology Publishing

Ford to skip Level 3 autonomy to keep sleepy drivers happy

Nieman Lab

How to cover pols who lie, and why facts don't always change minds: Updates from the fake-news world


This iPhone app built by teens helps you finish your tasks on time for once


Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.64: Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer of PressReader


Ford: Skip Level 3 Autonomous Cars — Even Engineers Supervising Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Lose “Situational Awareness”


ZDNet: Linux 'Takes The World' While Windows Dominates The Desktop


Yesterday´s Future is Today´s Reality - Why running SaaS ERP is a game changer in the Industry

Technology Cloud People
$19,000,000 Post-IPO equity

EnteroMedics Closes $19M Public Offering Round


Popular newsletter uses open-source techniques to cover ‘WTF’ is happening with Trump

US elections Publishing

Logan's high points: Wolverine's films, ranked

The Verge

Logan isn’t just the bloodiest X-Men movie, it’s also the saddest

Adweek , Bloomberg

BuzzFeed Is Exposing Readers to Opposing Viewpoints With 'Outside Your Bubble' Initiative

The Verge

Faraday Future is finally building that electric car factory in Nevada — part of it, anyway

Robotics Manufacturing
Nieman Lab

Think The Wirecutter invented affiliate revenue? Meet the mom who's been doing it since 2010


PewDiePie to the media: 'Nice try' and a middle finger

Video Communities Publishing
The Verge

Google expands fact-checking feature to Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico


The New York Times wants to save itself by becoming like Netflix , TNW , Wareable

Google Home and Amazon Echo might support voice calls soon


Google expands fact-checked news to Brazil, Mexico & Argentina

Nieman Lab

Facebook, Google, and Apple agree they have a role to play in solving the fake news problem (but aren't totally sure what that role is yet)

Nieman Lab

Dropped by NBC, Boston's WHDH is placing a big bet on local news and aims to be "DVR-proof"

Video streaming Publishing

Q&A: Sports Illustrated Editor Chris Stone on Scoops, Social and the Swimsuit Issue

Undisclosed funding
MorningstarUK , Deadline , Variety

Sky Invests In UK Production Companies True North And Chrysalis Vision

TechCentral ordered to retain primetime news

Video streaming Publishing

After growing Starbucks’ digital news operation, veteran journalist Linda Thomas joins Amazon as director of ‘Amazon Stories’

@davemcclure via Re/code

How Ben Thompson built Stratechery into a one-man publishing empire

Publishing Jobs
@karaswisher via Re/code

The seven things Fusion screwed up, according to Felix Salmon

Wired UK

Fox used fake news to promote 'A Cure for Wellness'

Nieman Lab

No mugshot exploitation here: The New Haven Independent aims to respect the reputations of those arrested in the community it covers

Publishing Communities

The Best Way to Quash Fake News? Choke Off Its Ad Money

Publishing Advertising

Apple’s Eddy Cue says technology companies have a responsibility to combat fake news

The Verge , Re/code

Apple’s Eddy Cue: ‘We all have responsibility’ for fake news

Ooooh, Tinder's founder poached some Philly talent: Playbook Philly

@jayrosen_nyu via Nieman Lab

Newsonomics: The new Knight-Lenfest initiative gives a kick in the pants to America's metro newspapers

Publishing People

Recode Daily: The White House is trying to figure out its next move on the travel ban suspension


Getting all your news from Facebook is like eating only potato chips, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue says

Both Sides of the Table

What You Could Learn from a True Pioneer in Digital, Social & Mobile Media

Business Insider

Jeff Bezos says the Echo 'isn't about' getting people to shop on Amazon, and he may be right