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Waste disposal gets digital makeover

Manufacturing Technology

Smart Cities Will Save the World – UX Planet

Smart devices
Electroneum: The First British Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Waste Management | One Man’s Rubbish is Another One’s Treasure

Manufacturing Technology Payments
Fast Company

Why Starbucks’s plastic straw ban might not help the environment

Robotics Materials Food & Beverage
3D Printing Industry

Victrex to release improved PAEK for industrial 3D printing

Robotics Materials
Fast Company

Rothy’s, the viral Silicon Valley shoe brand, is coming for your kids

Lifestyle Family
Wired UK

Tuesday briefing: The government doesn't know if your recycling is actually recycled

PE Hub

Audax-backed Thalheimer Brothers buys Mega Metals

Manufacturing Strategy

Why recycling won't save the planet

Wired UK

Your car could soon be powered by the fury of Icelandic volcanoes

Robotics Energy
Fast Company

Exclusive: Starbucks and McDonald’s team up to rethink cups

Food & Beverage Technology Manufacturing

CSIRO: Lithium-ion battery waste to exceed 100,000 tonnes by 2036

Energy Manufacturing

Californians are caught up in "wish recycling"

Manufacturing Materials

How to get started composting

Robotics Food & Beverage Materials

Dell walks the talk in sustainable industry

Manufacturing Technology
Reuters , The Verge , TNW

Tesla recycling machine catches fire at Fremont, California campus

Manufacturing Self driving cars

Top Innovations for a sustainable workplace


Another reason not to drink beer in cans: the aluminum.

Materials Manufacturing

Chinese Smart Garbage Recycling Platform Xiaohuanggou Raises $164M Series A Round

Funding Asia Manufacturing

American Express cards to be upcycled from marine plastic debris

Materials Payments