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SodaStream launches device to clean plastics from ocean


China is funding the future of American biotech

Robotics Funding Health Technology
Scientific American

When AI Misjudgment Is Not an Accident

Robotics Diversity Intelligent machines Cyber security

Why no one really knows how many jobs automation will replace

Robotics Technology Intelligent machines
The Verge

Bavaria’s space program shot to viral fame — but it may be in trouble


Google ponders the shortcomings of machine learning

Robotics Intelligent machines People
BBC News

Alexa hacked to grasp sign language

Robotics Intelligent machines Language

4 switch ASIC interfaces to drive SDN and machine learning growth

Robotics Software development Hardware Productivity
Business Insider

This $1000 countertop smart oven uses 'pure light' to cook food even faster than a regular oven can preheat

Robotics Food & Beverage
The Verge

The future of transportation is being underwritten by Saudi Arabia

Robotics Foreign affairs Funding

Robotic indoor farms can grow food anywhere, anytime

Robotics Energy Intelligent machines

Here’s the one key advantage Seattle’s tech ecosystem has over Silicon Valley

Robotics Technology

AI Weekly: For evidence of academic investment in AI, look no further than Pittsburgh

Robotics Intelligent machines Education
Science Trends

Artificial Intelligence Being Trained To Combat DeepFakes

Robotics Intelligent machines Physics

Robotic smart furniture system retracts bed & storage up into ceiling (Video)

Robotics Intelligent machines Materials

Researchers discover a new way to identify 3D printed guns

Robotics Materials Science
Hackster's Blog

Actuating 3D-Printed Mechanisms Using the 3D Printer Itself

Robotics Materials
3D Printing Industry

UMaine receives $500,000 to enable 3D printing of large-scale boats

Robotics Materials Technology

Virtual reality makes food taste better

Robotics Food & Beverage Virtual Reality
Finextra Research

IBM and banks back data project to fight human trafficking

Robotics Intelligent machines