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LinkedIn launches a personalized news feed for its users - SiliconANGLE

Re/code , TechCrunch , VentureBeat , +6

LinkedIn is rolling out a trending topics section

Marketing Tech

LinkedIn beefs up Sales Navigator for enterprise


LinkedIn Debuts 'Trending Storylines' to Get, Keep Users Engaged on Platform


LinkedIn steps closer to CRM as it gives Sales Navigator an enterprise boost

Cloud Apps & Services Employment
SiliconANGLE Media

LinkedIn adds high-end Sales Navigator edition - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

LinkedIn releases the code for its internal Flashback testing tool - SiliconANGLE


LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a tool for mocking internet traffic

ZDNet , Business Insider , GeekWire , +2

Microsoft adds LinkedIn co-founder Hoffman to its board

£20,000,000 Venture capital (Series D)
Tech.eu , VentureBeat , TechCrunch , +3

Payments firm Currencycloud announces £20 million Series D round

Funding Payments

21 Adds List Feature to Bitcoin 'LinkedIn' Alternative

TechCrunch , EastWestDigitalNews

Russia says ‘nyet,’ continues LinkedIn block after it refuses to store data in Russia

Foreign affairs
Product Hunt

Salesflare CRM

NextBigWhat , TNW , Mashable , +3

Microsoft launches Skype Lite in India - optimized for 2G connections

Adweek , GeekWire

Facebook Wants to Compete With LinkedIn by Adding a Job Application Feature

SiliconANGLE Media

Facebook has just become a hiring hub for businesses, looking a little like LinkedIn - SiliconANGLE

Re/code , TNW , TechJuice

Facebook is rolling out job postings and applications

Business Insider , VentureBeat

Facebook is taking on LinkedIn by letting businesses post job listings


LinkedIn Killer? Bitcoin Upstart 21 Takes on Social With Email Play


LinkedIn now lets you choose when comments appear in long-form articles