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Android Police

The Android Police Podcast is live!

Solar Orbiter, a new mission to the sun by Europe and NASA, to launch next month

the home of AI info

Health care needs AI. It also needs the human touch

Fast Company

4 ways you can benefit from schmoozing at industry events

Sam Wakoba

Google is Rolling Out Third-party G Suite Add-ons for Gmail, Drive, and Calendar

Ars Technica

737 Max fix slips to summer—and that’s just one of Boeing’s problems

BI Tech

How to remove your contacts' birthdays from your Google Calendar in 2 ways

Android Police

The Android Police Q&A Stream is live!

Tech Times

Best Calendar Apps for 2020

Ars Technica

Clear your calendar and desk: Lego’s ISS-inspired set arrives on February 1

Internet of Things blog

Adoption of BIM and Maximo: Bridging the asset data gap between build and operate

Fast Company

This CEO says we don’t have to abandon capitalism if we want to support workers

$36,000,000 Venture capital

Curama, Japan's answer to Thumbtack, secures $36M from Nissay Capital, others


Who’s in Davos? A brief summary in tables and maps

the home of AI info

Sonoma elementary school embraces a new era of ed tech

Android Police

The Android Police Podcast is live!

Android Police

Huawei confirms stable EMUI10 update schedule for P30 and Mate 20 series

Business Leader

Fives ways to beat burnout in 2020

Nintendo Everything

Nintendo maintenance schedule – January 19, 2020


First crewed SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launch could happen in Q2 this year