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Philips Brilliance B-line 240B7Q review: An energy-saving 24-inch WUXGA monitor Review

Productivity Portable Cameras
Silicon Beat

Trump's tweets: L.L. Bean boycott, plus should Mexico buy Twitter and shut it down?

@durov @Werner via The Guardian , TechCentral , TNW , +4

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages

The Guardian , Ars Technica , Mashable , +5

Nintendo Switch: is this hybrid console the future of gaming?


Why Trump Just Gave L.L.Bean an Endorsement the Brand Probably Doesn't Want

US elections Communities

Schneider Electric & Arcadia Power Partner To Offer Wiser Air Thermostat For $0 Upfront

TechCrunch , Business Insider , WSJD

Amazon's newest rewards card provides more incentive to get Prime


ZTE Z986DL and Z986U clear Bluetooth SIG

Mobile devices

We Can't Quit CES Quite Yet. There's Still So Much to Touch


There's a trick to sustainable healthy eating

Food & Beverage People Costs

There's a Linux-powered car in your future


SmartyPans tracks your meal’s nutrition as you cook it

e27 , Tech in Asia

There's no stopping them: Carousell acquires Duriana in a bid to win the Malaysian market

Business Insider

Toyota's hydrogen-powered car wants to be the alternative to plug-ins, but there's one major drawback

PhoneArena , GSMArena.com

Mid range HTC One X10 appears to have received its Bluetooth certification

Mobile devices
Ars Technica

Space Hulk: Deathwing review: In the year 40,000, there are only bugs

@LanceUlanoff via Mashable , Business Insider , TNW , +3

iPhone 8, AI and Trump: Welcome to Apple in 2017


There is No I In Team

People Advertising
Business Insider

There's a JPMorgan chart that even CEO Jamie Dimon didn't understand at first, and it's key to the bank's strategy

Stock markets Earnings
€1,000,000 Seed fund

French workspace booking company Jooxter raises €1 million