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Bloomberg Business

Donald Trump’s Reputation Has Nothing to Lose

US elections
Bloomberg Business

Italy's Donald Trump Is Running the Show

Foreign affairs US elections
MIT Tech Review

Why robots helped Donald Trump win

Robotics US elections
Bloomberg Business

Donald Trump Is the Perfect Scapegoat for Mercedes

Self driving cars

Watch Josh Brolin read Donald Trump tweets in Thanos' voice


Why tech companies should think twice about doing business with Donald Trump

US elections
Observer Innovation

Did Donald Trump Just Declare Space Warfare?

Space Privacy Warfare

Russian Trolls Weigh In on Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump Jr.

US elections

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu - Mix van oude rpg en Pokémon Go!

MIT Tech Review

Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create the US Space Force

Space Warfare
Fast Company

Who’s the “rocket man” now, Donald Trump?

Wired UK

Pokémon: Let's Go! is way more than just a Pokémon Go clone

Gaming Productivity

Let's Go Pikachu hands-on -- the Pokémon version of a bunny slope


Eerste indruk: Pokémon Let's Go-games versimpelen de klassiekers


Daredevil raccoon out-trends Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un as it scales skyscraper


Recode Daily: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shake on it

@TheStalwart via Bloomberg Business

Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit in Singapore

Fast Company

Watch Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet and shake hands for the first time

Tech in Asia

UX Designer at Mozat Pte Ltd


Why is Donald Trump so mad about Canadian milk?

US elections