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Uber Criticized by Venture Backers Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


A series of U.S. state laws could prevent Uber or Google from operating self-driving cars


Uber employees are chatting with each other about Uber’s leadership on anonymous workplace app Blind

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Uber Investigator Eric Holder Asserts His Independence

Ars Technica

Woman sues Uber, claims driver with prior record attempted to rape her

Wired , The Guardian , Bloomberg

Google’s Lawsuit Against Uber Revolves Around Frickin' Lasers


FAUB on the job: Watch robots work with mechanics to put together Boeing 777 jets


The Google v. Uber lawsuit is confusing, until you watch 'Silicon Valley'


Waymo Files Suit Against Otto & Parent Company Uber, Alleging “Misappropriation” Of Trade Secrets


US Cellular introduces its own unlimited data plan with no fees or overages

Mobile providers
Re/code , TechCrunch

Uber says it’s not behind the phone calls to investigate Susan Fowler’s personal life

Ars Technica

Uber might genuinely be worried that #DeleteUber is working


Weekly Roundup: Uber responds to sexual harassment claim, NASA discovers Earth-like planets


Recode Daily: Waymo, the Google car company, says Uber is using stolen self-driving tech

The Verge , TechCrunch , Mashable

Female Uber employees tell Travis Kalanick to recognize the company has a "systemic problem"

Business Insider

Here are the key things to know about Uber's ties to the self-driving startup accused of stealing Google's technology

Business Insider

Uber shoots down Google's claims of stolen self-driving tech

@Spacekatgal via Business Insider

Uber says it is not behind mysterious efforts to dig up 'intimate' info about the ex-engineer who accused it of sexism

Re/code , TechCrunch , Ars Technica , +10

Alphabet’s Waymo is suing Otto and Uber for allegedly stealing the design of a key self-driving system

TechCrunch , Re/code , Business Insider , +3

Early Uber investors say they’re ‘disappointed’ in the company’s response to sexual harassment claims

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