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New research shows consumers continue to see significant risk in IoT device security

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IoT Failures Plague 64% of Users Worldwide, as Cloud Complexity Surges


10 blockchain projects to keep an eye on

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Bitcoin Futures Overtake Coinbase Trading Volumes

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Create a culture of innovation with IIoT World!

Two main urban problems that IoT and AI can solve

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Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and AI Self-Driving Cars


Carsharing Leader Getaround Raises $300M in Series D

Hackster's Blog

Learn About Self-Driving Vehicles and AI with Duckietown


Getaround raises $300 million Series D round led by SoftBank

Travel Funding Self driving cars
The Verge

Lyft and Aptiv have completed 5,000 paid trips in their self-driving taxis

Robotics Self driving cars Taxis
Block Delta

ParkGENE – The undervalued Airbnb for parking

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Stanford develops AI-powered optical computer for driverless cars, drones

Robotics Intelligent machines
The Verge

A day in the life of a Waymo self-driving taxi

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BBC News

Bitcoin buster? The search for a more stable cryptocurrency

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Alternet Systems Introduces Consumer Finance Concept Seeking Shareholder Input

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6 Guiding Principles for an Effective Data Lake

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BBC News

Bitcoin buster? The search for a more stable cryptocurrency

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Business Insider

Internal documents reveal the grueling way Tesla hit its 5,000 Model 3 target

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Business Insider

20 of the most expensive watches worn by the world's most elite athletes


The first long-distance car ride took place 130 years ago. Here's the story.