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Forbes Tech

Twitter Cofounder Jack Dorsey Has More Than Tripled His Net Worth Since Trump Became President

Telegraph Technology Intelligence

Twitter and Facebook have warped our minds in ways we don’t understand

CNET , Telegraph Technology Intelligence

Twitter reportedly allowed ads targeting neo-Nazis, other hate groups


CEO Jack Dorsey hints Twitter may never get edit button, so learn to get it right

Express Technology

Want edit tweet option? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says it will never come

Nieman Lab

Jack Dorsey has revealed the secret way to get verified on Twitter (kinda)

FutureShift , TNW

Twitter's Jack Dorsey explains why you're not getting that edit button

The Verge

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey on edit button: ‘We’ll probably never do it’


Gamesight: Twitter’s ad network provides the best value for PC and console games marketing


Twitter co-founder and early Beyond Meat investor announces new venture fund


Twitter is experimenting with new solutions to reduce toxicity


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone backs tutoring platform Scoodle

BI Tech

How the 26-year-old CEO of tutoring app Scoodle got Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to invest in his startup

Forbes Tech

Twitter Just Announced A New Way To Combat Trolls, But Only If They Are Stupid


Twitter to test ways to limit online abuse

CCN Markets

Twitter's Reply-Limiting Feature Will Trap Us in a Fake News Nightmare


Twitter lets pedophiles publicly discuss their sexual 'attraction to minors,' scholar argues


Daily Crunch: Twitter will let you limit replies

Sam Wakoba

Twitter To Roll Out Conversation Threading Through The Twttr App


Twitter will let users limit or block replies to tweets