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Vicon’s new Origin location-based VR system aims for ‘unbreakable’ tracking

Software development Fitness
The Verge

Haptic feedback is making VR surgery feel like the real thing

Robotics Virtual Reality

Consumer Market Technologies: Six Systems To Watch In The Next Five Years

Robotics Technology

Enabling wireless virtual reality

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VR in education is promising, but expensive

Robotics Virtual Reality
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How VR and AI Technology Is Changing the Travel Industry

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Internet of Things using Augmented Reality in Unity IoTAR

Deals Virtual Reality
@ruhanirabin via The Verge , TechCrunch

Google is adding ARCore support to the Chromebook Tab 10 with Classroom updates

Education New

11 Virtual Reality Apps That You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Virtual Reality
Bright Ideas

Choose Your Own Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Training Industry

The Future of Corporate Learning: Stepping Into Another Dimension

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Japanese Station

Pelajar SMA Jepang Reka Ulang Kejadian Bom Hiroshima Dalam Virtual Reality


What if we could live in the Matrix? | Cosmo Scharf

Robotics Virtual Reality

Raleigh Fire Department Invests In Virtual Reality To Enrich Training

Virtual Reality Warfare

Virtual Reality Gets Expanded Line-up At 2018 deadCenter Film Festival

Virtual Reality

A virtual reality ride is now open at Volcano Falls

Virtual Reality

Why Virtual Reality Is the Future of Dungeons & Dragons

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6abc Philadelphia

Enter the world of VR at Ocean City Virtual Reality | FYI Philly

Virtual Reality

How Creatives Are Hacking the Movie Set for Virtual Reality

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Trauma verwerken met EMDR-therapie via app en VR-bril