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Brave browser adds peer-to-peer IPFS protocol to combat censorship


Opera acquires YoYo Games for $10 million and launches Opera Gaming division


Brave private browser integrates IPFS support to desktop version


Brave web browser adds native support for peer-to-peer IPFS protocol


Apple TV+ website gets first UI update since the streaming service launched - 9to5Mac

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Apple’s Secret iPhone Feature Revealed

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Run over Nazis in this cathartic, free Wolf 3D/Monkey Ball mashup

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Google Chrome browser privacy plan investigated in UK

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Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest

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Privacy focused Brave browser now offers native support for Apple Silicon

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How to Change your Default Google Account in 2020. : TechMoran


Why you're hounded by pop-ups about cookies, and how they could go away

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How to cancel your Philo streaming subscription no matter the platform you subscribed through

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How to cancel your Acorn TV subscription no matter how you signed up for it

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How to set up a Microsoft Teams meeting using a computer or mobile device


Concerns Mount Over Google's Privacy Proposals


Endangered Firefox: The state of Mozilla

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Xbox cloud gaming service hits iOS, Windows PCs in spring 2021


Xbox cloud gaming coming to iOS and PC in Spring 2021


Amazon Prime Video now allows Indian users to watch shows together through Watch Party feature