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19 Sep 2018
Venture capital (Series D)

GitLab Raises $100M in Series D Funding

18 Sep 2018
Venture capital (Series C)
Sequoia Capital, Accel, CapitalG

UiPath Raises $225 Million Series C Led by CapitalG and Sequoia

15 Aug 2018
Seed fund
Beijing Guangjiantang International Group
08 Aug 2018
Venture capital (Series B)
ZhenFund, Matrix Partners China, Mango Culture &a; Innovation Private Equity Fund
03 Aug 2018
Venture capital (Series A)

Silvernest Raises $3M in Series A Funding

03 Aug 2018
Venture capital (Series C)

Teamleader, the SaaS platform to help SMEs go digital, scores $22M Series C

02 Aug 2018
Venture capital (Series A)
Conviction Investment Partners (CIP), Conviction Investment Partners

Event Lead Capture Company Akkroo Secures £1.75M Series A Funding

01 Jun 2018
12 Mar 2018