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About Quantum AI – AI along with Quantum Mechanics

The Verge

Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi may get his own Star Wars movie


Music Media Through A Teen’s Eyes


What we can learn about ourselves from studying financial trading bots

PC Gamer

What game would make a great Netflix series?

BI Tech

Authors describe losing thousands of dollars in monthly income when Amazon quietly shut down its fan-fiction service — a...

the home of AI info

World's First 'Living Machine' Created Using Frog Cells and Artificial Intelligence


NSA opts to ‘Turn a New Leaf,’ disclosing Windows vulnerability rather than using it as a weapon


PlayStation will not participate in E3 2020


Hollywood Bets On a Future of Quick Clips and Tiny Screens


Why machines should have rights, just like humans

Online Check Writer


Fast Company

Your favorite writers, comics, and athletes are tweeting outrageous true stories that sound like fiction


Can Rob McElhenney’s ‘Mythic Quest’ Help Apple Build Its Programming Brand?

Online Check Writer

Bank of America Checks

Online Check Writer

Chax Alternative

the home of AI info

Science Fiction Writer Explores Artificial Intelligence And Religion

Fast Company

Adam Sandler’s hot streak continues with this hilarious spec script for ‘Grown Ups 3’

Fast Company

How the remnants of About.com are stealthily taking over the internet

CCN Markets

IGN's Review Revamp Still Won't Buy Any Credibility in the New Decade