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SiliconANGLE Media , Bloomberg Business , The Guardian , +8

Facebook under the gun after Cambridge Analytica whistleblower shares some strong words - SiliconANGLE

Data leaks
@dhh via The Verge , The Guardian , Mashable , +5

Uber halts self-driving tests after pedestrian killed in Arizona

Self driving cars
TechCrunch , TNW , The Verge , +2

Instagram will show more recent posts due to algorithm backlash

ZDNet , GeekWire , The Verge , +4

Orbitz says hacker stole two years' worth of customer data

Data leaks
TechCrunch , The Verge , Bloomberg Business , +3

Elon Musk deletes own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages after #deletefacebook

HuffPost Tech , Reuters , Bloomberg Business , +3

Can You Really Protect Your Privacy On Facebook?

@mathewi via The Verge , Mashable , TechCrunch , +3

Google News Initiative announced to fight fake news and support journalism

CNET , Android Police , Bloomberg Business , +3

Scoop: In a blow to Huawei, Best Buy will stop selling its smartphones

Mobile devices
WSJD , Mashable , The Verge , +2

Best Buy to Stop Selling Huawei Phones

Mobile devices
@ruhanirabin via The Verge , TNW , TechCrunch , +1

You can now link to hashtags and other users in your Instagram bio

Bloomberg Business , Reuters , TechCrunch , +1

Dropbox Shares Soar as Much as 48% in Market Debut

TechCrunch , Mashable , Ars Technica , +1

Tumblr confirms 84 accounts linked to Kremlin trolls

Data leaks
Bloomberg , TechCrunch , Re/code , +1

Dropbox Tops Private Valuation as Shares Soar in Market Debut

Stock markets Funding Earnings
Re/code , The Verge , CNET , +5

Facebook will audit Cambridge Analytica to see what Facebook user data the firm still has

@ruhanirabin @mkapor via The Verge , CNET , TechCrunch , +6

The co-founder of WhatsApp just told everyone to delete Facebook

@davewiner via San Francisco Chronicle , Business Insider , TechCrunch , +2

Exclusive: Tempe police chief says early probe shows no fault by Uber

Self driving cars
@TheStalwart @LanceUlanoff via Bloomberg , Reuters , TNW , +3

Apple Is Secretly Developing Its Own Screens for the First Time

The Verge , WSJD , Bloomberg Business , +1

YouTube expands restrictions on videos featuring firearms and firearm accessories

@ruhanirabin via The Verge , TechCrunch , TNW , +2

Apple reportedly unveiling a cheaper iPad next week