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Uber and Just Eat Takeaway CEOs spar on Twitter as European food delivery battle heats up

BI Tech

Uber and Lyft are desperate for drivers. Here's what drivers say is keeping them off the road


Uber and Bolt drivers in Lagos begin strike action today to protest “systemic slavery”


Walmart, Costco, and Uber are competing more than ever for labor

Tech Insider

Uber expects employees to come into the workplace 3 days a week when its office doors open in September

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Uber is licensing its ride-hailing software to three more public transit agencies


Uber hit with default ‘robo-firing’ ruling after another EU labor rights GDPR challenge

CNBC Tech , Tech Insider

Uber CEO says company could get into cannabis delivery


Uber lets customers donate money for rides to COVID-19 vaccination sites

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Uber posts record gross bookings in March as ride-hailing demand picks up


The curious case of Uber India’s Rs 721 Cr profit jump in FY20

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Uber is having to move quickly to lure back US drivers

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Uber wil chauffeurs lokken met bonussen


Uber is spending $250M to coax drivers to come back

Ars Technica , TechCrunch

Uber and Lyft struggle with driver shortage as demand soars


Uber announces $250 million stimulus to bring back drivers

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Uber and Lyft have a driver shortage problem, and it’s costing them a lot of money

Sam Wakoba

Mastercard & Uber extend digital payments across the Middle East & Africa

BI Tech

Uber is spending $250 million to persuade drivers to get back on the road so it can pay them less again


Uber looks to prevent drivers from seeing destinations — it’s a dick move