How can Deloitte make computers understand written laws?

This program asks how increased computational power within the realm of Artificial Intelligence can introduce greater steps towards computers understanding written law? With special focus the help of Natural Language Processing, semantic learning and cognitive computing.
  •   Deloitte Legal is looking for new ways to harness computing power to better understand written laws, implemented in a clean and efficient manner.

  •   Natural Language Processing, cognitive computing, and semantic learning are technologies of interest in this this challenge but we are looking for ideas from far and wide. Important factors include the efficiency of the platform, as well as the ease of implementation within Deloitte Legal

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Challenge Details

Technological developments in NLP, cognitive computing, and document digitisation in recent years have accelerated significantly, bringing us to a point where natural language and contextual understanding are bringing forward great leaps in AI.


As deep learning and machine learning has improved over time, it has allowed companies to perform tasks like automatic translation, text summarisation and semantic understanding of large blocks of data with greater efficiency.


Deloitte Legal is looking to harness the power of Natural Language Processing, LegalTech and Cognitive Computing to understand written laws better, and with more efficiency.


Startups have a lot to teach us here: There are clear examples of AI, deep learning and machine learning within successful startup companies. Collaboration in an enterprise context can provide strong benefits for both organisations and allow the development of high quality and relevant applications.


New approaches to utilising AI within Natural Language Processing and semantic learning to understand written laws are the key objectives of this challenge. Deloitte Legal are looking for tools that will help makes these processes more efficient, increase automation, accuracy & allow patterns and trends to be spotted.


As the final part of an 11-part program in which innovation challenges have supported Deloitte and its clients, we are excited to announce a search for startups & scale-ups leading the way in LegalTech, Cognitive computing, Language processing, and more.


With Global and EMEA level pilot programs resulting from previous Deloitte challenges, there is a track record of success and ambition in the TNW X - Deloitte collaboration. Previous challenges have seen activities include the creation of digital tax advisor, a frictionless shopping experience in Spain, a search for the best blockchain and AI startups in Northwest Europe, and the best startups in the field of wellbeing.


With 14 years of startup experience, TNW has an extensive track record of creating successful partnerships between startups, organisations and governments.

Practical Details

Top applicants will be invited to a full-day event in London to pitch their solution and engage in a deep dive workshop to give you the time you need with key stakeholders.


Do you have a solution that can help computers understand written laws and help Deloitte Legal implement this technology? Join the challenge and pitch your solution to Deloitte!

  • TNW X support in application & pitch preparation
  • Day-long event to give you plenty of time with Deloitte decision makers
  • Funded pilot budget allocation of €10,000 from Deloitte
February 1st
Applications Open
February 15th
First Round of Application Screening
February 27th
Deadline Applications
March 1st
Announcement of Selected Signups
March 21st
Event Day in London

Sorry, we no longer accept applications!