How might we develop an innovative concept for restaurants in governmental buildings so that co-working, interaction, circularity, and other new ways of working are encouraged outside lunchtime?

Do you have a workspace concept that is future-proof, stimulates interactive co-working, and supports circularity?

What's in for you:
  •   Collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

  •   Receive budget to run a pilot or MVP

  •   Scaling opportunities to other governmental buildings if proven successful

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Challenge Details

The building of interest is located in the center of the Hague and provides 132,000m2 workspace to 4000 people working for both the Ministry of Justice and Security, and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. A fundamental component of this building is the staff restaurant, where the majority of the employees work, socialize, and have lunch on a daily basis.


In line with new ways of working, the buildings facility management is looking at innovative technologies and concepts that can give an additional purpose (next to the traditional one: a place to have lunch) to the staff restaurant as workspace of the future. This workspace should be future-proof, stimulate interactive coworking, and support circularity. Furthermore, it should take the building context, identity and the societal relevance of the work that is conducted there, into account. In short, if your solution can be used to make workspaces more innovative and/or circular, we are looking for you!


This challenge is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security Hub Startups initiative: JenV Hub-Startups: Creating Impact for Society. Through this initiative, the Dutch Ministry involves both internal and external parties and takes cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This is accomplished through a structural platform for cooperation between the different departments and startups. This initiative is a platform that identifies, unlocks, and realizes opportunities for both the Ministry and solutions providers.

Practical Details

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will get the chance to share their solution with key stakeholders from the Ministry of Justice and Security (J&V), and the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK). Afterwards, the top 3 will be invited to participate in the tender process, which will determine who will be selected for the collaboration (PoC/Pilot). The underlying aim is to scale this concept to other governmental building as well. So if successful, the sky is the limit.


More benefits to you and your company

  • Access to the growing Ministry of J&V and BZK network, which provides access to scaling opportunities in for example other ministries, but also municipalities and police departments
  • Pilot and development budget
  • For the duration of the program, access to mentoring and support program provided by TNW, which involves mentoring and training sessions in various topics, but also an open door to the Dutch tech ecosystem and interesting events
  • Access to TNW flagship tech event
  • Scaling opportunities to other governmental buildings
1 April
Applications open
25 May
Apply before to receive feedback
10 June
Final deadline

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