How might we design a user-friendly and privacy-respectful tool for citizens using the internet, so that they won’t become victims of phishing?

Do you provide solutions that can make mail/messaging services safer through filtering phishing emails and/or minimize or eliminate the effects of these emails.

What's in for you:
  •   Collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security

  •   Receive budget to run a pilot or MVP

  •   Scaling opportunities if proven successful

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Challenge Details

Phishing is a common and unfortunately effective part of online crime. It often serves as a first and essential step in cyber criminal activity. A human act is necessary to access data or devices, since device digital security is improving rapidly. Phishing emails cause great damage to citizens and businesses financially and psychologically, as with stolen identities. Recent research shows that people think they behave differently online than they actually do. People behave much more unsafely than they think, which means traditional precautions work less effectively. People simply do not feel addressed as a potential risk group. Additionally, email services are constantly developing their built-in solutions, yet phishing still occurs.


Therefore, the department of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice is looking at innovative solutions that can help prevent phishing. They are looking for technical solutions that can make mail and messaging services safer by filtering phishing emails and/or minimizing or eliminating the effects of these emails. However, they are open to other creative and effective ways to stop people falling victim to phishing.


All solution providers that address this need can be a candidate for a pilot with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. If your solution can be used to prevent phishing, we are looking for you!


This challenge is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security Hub Startups initiative:JenV Hub-Startups: Creating Impact for Society. Through this initiative, the Dutch Ministry involves both internal and external parties and takes cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This is accomplished through a structural platform for cooperation between the different departments and startups. This initiative is a platform that identifies, unlocks, and realizes opportunities for both the Ministry and the solutions providers.

Practical Details

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will get the chance to share their solution with key stakeholders from the Ministry of Justice and Security (J&V). Afterwards, the top 3 will be invited to participate in the tender process, which will determine who will be selected for the collaboration (PoC/Pilot).


More benefits to you and your company

  • Access to the growing Ministry of Justice and Security Network
  • Pilot and development budget
  • For the duration of the program, access to mentoring and support program provided by TNW, which involves mentoring and training sessions in various topics, but also an open door to the Dutch tech ecosystem and interesting events
  • Access to TNW flagship tech event
1 April
Applications open
25 May
Apply before to receive feedback
10 June
Final deadline

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