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K-Startup Grand Challenge

The K-Startup Grand Challenge is an all-expenses-paid accelerator program of 4 months in South-Korea. Governmental innovation institutions joined forces with global corporate brands like LG, Samsung and Hyundai to support the most promising startups from around the world to expand their business to Asia.
  •   Housing, guidance, and additional investments

  •   A total of $1.500.000 will be invested in 50 startups

  •   This accelerator asks for 0% equity in return

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About this program

Hey you, founder ! Glad that you're here.

Did we already tell you that we have an amazing proposal for you? We're paying for you to go to Korea!

Ok, almost.. The South-Korean government is picking up the bill actually! They teamed up with TNW to find and select 50 EMEA high potential startups that are interested in doing business in Asia.
South-Korea is looking to bring the most talented and promising startups from all over the world over to their startup campuses, to help them scale all over Asia from there.

Now, why would that interest you? Because doing business in Asia is not a proverbial piece of cake. It's everything but that. It takes an experienced team with proper training and the right connections to do this. Chances are, this is not you. At least.. not yet!

K-Startup Grand Challenge will teach you the right skills to do business in Asia. They'll help you with all major things like visa's, taxes, bankaccounts. But also set you up with the right connections and for example training in local culture.

Who can join? Basically, any tech startup with the right motivation to scale to Asia. We do request that you are already at least have an MVP, but other than that, your motivation is most important.

Still not convinced YOU should head to Korea? Maybe you, as a founder, are just too busy? We get it. Well.. then why not hire a country manager for these four months. That's a super small investment, with a massive potential upside!

What is in it for you?
  • All expenses paid: Travel to Korea (up to $1700 reimbursed upon arrival), housing (up to $2900 p/m), free office space, post-accelerator support ($27.000).
  • Connections: Learn business tricks from executives of Samsung, Hyundai and LG and receive a soft landing for your company in Asia. Regular 1-on-1 mentor session and networking events.
  • Training: Information sessions on Korean and Asian culture, patent law, local regulations, etc. Everything you need to take off in Asia!
  • Prize Money: In December, accelerator participants will compete in a Demo Day competition in which four winners will receive an additional amount up to $100.000.
  • Equity: K-Startup Grand Challenge asks for 0% equity in return. All they ask is that you rock your business in Korea and other areas in Asia
Who can apply?

Who can apply?

You! As long as your company is post MVP stage.

Sorry, we no longer accept applications!