Portfolio & Resource Management- Building Procurement’s Next Generation Operating Model at Roche

Together with Roche Global Procurement, we’re looking for technical solutions in the areas of procurement portfolio and project management; to provide insight into initiatives, monitor project performance, and optimise resource planning. Can your company contribute to building a next-generation procurement organization?
  •   Collaborate with a global pharmaceutical company

  •   You may be selected to run a pilot or MVP

  •   Scaling opportunities if proven successful

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Challenge Details

Portfolio & Resource Management - Procurement portfolio and project management to provide insight into initiatives, monitor project performance and optimise resource planning.


Roche aims to leverage a digital solution that enables them to match customers and their procurement-related needs and priorities (as captured in the project portfolio) with capabilities and available resources.

Roche Global Procurement is looking for a technology provider that can support the respective E2E process covering the following needs:


-Portfolio Management

-Resource Management

-Monitoring & Performance Measurement

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management process should allow teams to capture, prioritize and monitor the projects/initiatives. There should also be a possibility to enter ideas and opportunities that might turn into future initiatives.


Resource Management

Resource Management should ensure that we have the right capabilities and capacity focused on the right projects at the right time considering the following needs:

-Provide people the opportunity to maintain their employee profile based on predefined attributes like e.g. Capabilities, Experience, Career Interest

-Enable a push (Projects in the portfolio will be assigned to people based on their employee profile) and pull approach (People can pull work based on their interest and development aspirations) to match projects with people


Monitoring & Performance Measurement

A dedicated monitoring and performance management functionality should allow Global Procurement to monitor and gain insights into the project status and the respective resource allocation. Having transparency on this will ensure projects can be prioritized and workload can be balanced across several teams. The transparency on the project portfolio will also allow to measure performance against target, cost, benefit and strategy and forecast savings.


As part of Roche Global Procurement’s ambition to build the Next Generation Procurement organisation, they are in the midst of a transformation journey with an agenda focused on building a future operating model that combines new agile ways of working and true business partnering.


Through this initiative, they want to take their cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This will be accomplished through a structured platform for cooperation and collaboration between the Roche Global Procurement team and technology providers.

Practical Details

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a virtual selection day. The top applicants get the chance to share their solution with key Roche stakeholders. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for each challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to test their solution in the field.


Challenge Applications:


Master Data Management: https://index.co/program/master-data-management-building-procurements-next-generation-operating-model-at-roche?feedback=saved

Market Intelligence: https://index.co/program/market-intelligence-building-procurements-next-generation-operating-model-at-roche?feedback=saved

Other Procurement Technology: https://index.co/program/building-procurements-next-generation-operating-model-at-roche?feedback=saved

  • You may receive a development and pilot budget
  • Access to a global network of connected businesses and the potential opportunity to scale your solution across Roche following a successful pilot
  • Exposure to the Digital Procurement World network, including other partners and investors who may be interested in your solution
28 August 2020
Master Data Management (Challenge 1) Applications Close
2 September 2020
Market Intelligence (Challenge 2) Applications Close
9 September 2020
Portfolio & Resource Management (Challenge 3) Applications Close

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