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Financial empowerment starts with you

TNW & The Think Forward Initiative are inviting start-ups that aim to help consumers make better financial decisions to join us on a 5-month accelerator program. A program that provides personally-tailored expertise and capability building brought to you through the world-leading network of Amazon Web Services, CEPR, Deloitte, Dell Technologies, IBM and ING.
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Challenge Details

110% Increased growth


A specific mentor for your specific needs


A chance to implement cutting edge research


A network of nearly 1,500 researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates, NGOs, innovators, corporates and influencers.


Over 10,000 new customers


Free training and networking, 0 Equity program


Join the Think Forward Initiative Growth track and boost the areas of your startup that most need it.


TNW & The Think Forward Initiative are inviting start-ups that aim to help consumers make better financial decisions to join us on a 5-month growth track program, delivered through one day per month sessions of intensive personal support. The TFI is brought to you by the world-leading network of Amazon Web Services, CEPR, Deloitte, Dell Technologies, IBM and ING.


The Think Forward Initiative’s (TFI) goal is to empower 215 million Europeans to make better financial decisions. Currently 42% of Europeans are not financially empowered and struggle to make ends meet - we believe that this number is way too high and this is why the Think Forward Initiative was founded.


The TFI is a mission driven organisation and each partner works on a not-for-profit basis and is inspired by the opportunity to drive positive impact in the community. The blend of skills within the group enables the addressing of big societal issues in a rapid and agile way that will create positive change quickly, through your start-up.


When it comes to financial decisions, it’s important to know what we’re choosing – and why. For all our sensibilities and logic, financial decisions are still challenging to many of us.


Is it too hard to imagine and consider our future needs over our current needs? Does the abundance of choice help us or hinder us? From small decisions on impulse purchases to potential life-changing decisions on mortgages and pensions, financial choices are rarely easy.


In order to find a solution for the challenge, Amazon Web Services, CEPR, Deloitte, Dell Technologies, IBM and ING came together to form the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). A multi-year movement bringing together experts representing governments, researchers, consumers, and the financial and technology sectors to research and analyse the challenges people face when making financial decisions and help build solutions to empower users & democratise financial tools.


Across the programme, TFI works with your start-up to help you define and achieve objectives, structure your businesses and crack the formula to scale your solution internationally. Alongside dedicated mentors, TFI recruits the services of leading experts in various fields to arm founders & their team with the knowledge required to flourish.


Differentiated value that TFI delivers through our growth track includes:

  • Global access and exposure through our network
  • Extensive involvement of world leading strategy and innovation consultants
  • Access to top quality, experienced experts - 10 years + experience in specific topics (e.g. AI, Industry, legal) along with technology solutions and expert support
  • Combining start-ups with corporates to share growth experiences
  • High level of tailoring to specific start-up needs
Practical Details

The program distributed over 7 days comprising of workshops and events will take place in the TFI offices in Amsterdam with meetings roughly once a month. The program starts on the 15th of November 2019. The accelerator program can be attended by max 2 team members relevant to the content of the workshop.


In order to participate in this accelerator program, your company should comply with the following criteria:

  • Your aim aligns with TFI’s purpose - Financially empowering Europeans
  • No significant funding need in the next 6 months (urgently required), to ensure focus on scaling the business
  • You have existing users or you have good access through B2B models
  • High quality leadership team providing a solution that can be scaled across an exponentially larger number of users
  • Product has a direct consumer benefit (B2C) although can be distributed through B2B2C focused on Europe geographically or looking to expand into Europe
September 18th
Applications Open
October 16th
Applications close
October 16th
Confirmed finalists informed
October 25th
Selection Day - Your scaleup meets the Think Forward Initiative Team
November 15th
Think Forward Initiative Program Kick off
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