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Tickets to Boost

Startup League teamed up with TNW and is offering 15 young, fast-growing companies the opportunity to boost their business by giving them direct access to BOOST at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam (May 18&19)


  • - Get a free Startup Exhibitor Table at TNW Conference
  • - 2 free tickets for TNW Conference
  • - Curated face-to-face meetings with investors
  • - Opportunity to Pitch on stage during the conference


  • - Your product is live, publicly available, and ready to take on the world.
  • - Your primary website is hosted on a Radix domain (.tech, .online, .space, .store, .press, .host, .website, .site).
  • - Not already running on a Radix domain? No worries: once you've applied, you'll receive a coupon code in your confirmation email with which you can register one for free.


  • - Submissions close end of April
  • - Winners will be announced first week of May
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