We call it startup banking

Corporates hire Investment Bankers to help them with fundraising. We bring those services to Startups.

Index and AvP are partnering up to help early stage startups get funded for Seed and Series A rounds. We take a hands-on approach and coach you through the process of creating your pitch deck, crafting your story and connecting you with a network of trusted investors.

Our Startup Bankers will help solidify your valuation, your funding strategy and crafting a narrative for prospective investors. Fundraising is no cakewalk for even the most experienced founders. We love taking on that challenge.
1 Funding strategy coaching
2 Identify, calculate & monitor relevant KPIs
3 Craft a narrative for investors
4 Distribute to relevant investors from our international network of investors
5 Update investors on your progress to get you that meeting

How does Startup Banking help my company?

At the beginning of a startup’s journey, two things hang in the balance: product development and acquiring the financial means by which to do so.

We offer a service that will help you leverage the experience of former investment bankers, and their network, to achieve your early stage funding goals. Our metric driven service helps you tell the right story to the right kind of investors.

The funding process can be painstaking, and takes time. Have a product, a business plan, and seeing signs of market fit? We'll help you start planning ahead on your funding strategy and metrics, or give a second opinion on your existing campaign, and focus on making intros to the right investors.

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