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So what’s the story with Index, anyway?

As cofounder of TNW, Patrick de Laive has a lot of experience in publishing and the ins and outs of running a tech blog. He learned very quickly that editorial teams get a lot of pitches, launch announcements and funding events from every startup hungry for a bit of coverage. And why shouldn’t they? Really, it comes with the territory.

The reality of the situation was that the editors could only focus on so much. Anything that got their attention might get picked up, the rest found its way into the trash.

Patrick, however, felt that something of potential was being thrown out with the proverbial bathwater. These emails contained something valuable... Data.

And so the idea for Index was born. We set out to create a platform that utilizes natural-language processing and machine learning techniques to match news and data to companies. Coupling it to a sane and user-friendly interface.

It’s a place for startups to show themselves off, for tech enthusiast to get their daily news fix, and for professionals to leverage our data to prospect, track competitors, and collaborate with their team.

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