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Index helps your brand innovate faster by connecting you to a global network of startups.

Brands can join Index for free. Get started today
Track and connect directly with over 100k startups.
Create a custom branded page for your company to serve as a contact point between you and the startup ecosystem.
Post innovation challenges, invite startups and manage applications directly on Index
Collaborate with the TNW X team to develop innovation challenges, strategies, and research to innovate even faster.

How can index help my corporate brand?

Innovate faster by using Index to connect with the startup ecosystem. Create a brand profile for your company and use it to track tech companies and invite them to connect.

Create and post innovation challenged to prospect your next strategic partnership. Startups can apply directly with their Index profile. Applications and outreach are easily managed on-platform.

Tap into the potential of the startup scene.

Brands can join Index for free. Get started today

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