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BI Tech

Former treasury secretary says Jeff Bezos is 'mostly wrong' in his criticism of Biden's handling of inflation

The Verge

Jeff Bezos is not a poster


White House and Jeff Bezos continue to trade jabs in dispute over inflation claims

Tech Times

Biden Vs. Jeff Bezos: Taxing the Rich People May Decrease Inflation Rate — Do You Agree?


Watch a tearful Jeff Bezos celebrate his immigrant father: ‘Could not have had a better role model’


Mastercard Film Features Digitally De-Aged Lionel Messi


Travel Is More Expensive Than Ever: 6 Things You Can Do (Besides Staying Home)


Separatist politician says Spain's spy chief admitted legally hacking some phones


Lengow acquires e-commerce intelligence startup Netrivals

Tech Insider , Forbes Tech

Jeff Bezos speculates whether Tesla's ties to China will give the country any leverage over a Musk-owned Twitter

BI Tech

Meet the 17-year-old who raised $6 million for his car services startup in its first year

Reuters Tech News

Spain's ombudsman to probe alleged cyber spying of Catalan figures


AT&T's Jeff McElfresh Reportedly Named Chief Operating Officer

Guardian Tech

Jeff Bezos is worth $160bn – yet Congress might bail out his space company | Bernie Sanders

MIT Technology Review

Artificial intelligence is creating a new colonial world order


Google Doodle Celebrates Opera Star Montserrat Caballé's 89th Birthday


Your pizza can already be delivered by a robot, but regulation is still in the oven

Tech Times , TESLARATI

Twitter HQ to Homeless Shelter? Elon Musk Thinks Jeff Bezos ‘Portion’ Idea is Great

GeekWire , Reuters Tech News

Jeff Bezos responds to Elon Musk’s tweet about converting Twitter HQ into homeless shelter


Spanish scale-ups club together to shift the tech policy agenda