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We seek to estimate the future and its bearing on our existence, as well as dwelling fondly on the past or indulging in escapist dreams. - Walt Disney


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Disney's Biggest Bear Blocked From Bob Iger's Twitter Feed

Star Wars
TechCrunch , Business Insider

Netflix should be afraid of Disney’s OTT play

Ars Technica , The Verge , TechCrunch

Star Wars and Iron Man may not disappear from Netflix in 2019 after all

Video streaming Star Wars

Disney is launching its own video streaming service in 2019

Video streaming Strategy Sports

Disney faces privacy complaint over children's apps

Legal Star Wars
@ruhanirabin @Spacekatgal via The Verge

Disney sued for allegedly spying on children through 42 gaming apps

Legal Star Wars
Wired UK , Business Insider , Business Insider , +4

Disney's streaming gamble is all about not getting eaten by Netflix

Video streaming
@pkafka via Re/code

Disney wants to make a huge shift in its business model — but it’s not ready to do it yet

Technology Video streaming

Disney Unveils New Streaming Services, to End Netflix Deal

Video streaming
The Verge , Bloomberg , TechCrunch , +6

Everything you’ll be able to stream before Disney leaves Netflix

Video streaming Film
@backlon via The Verge , TechCrunch , Bloomberg , +5

Disney to end Netflix deal and launch its own streaming service

Video streaming
Business Insider

Netflix's Disney problem points to a huge headache for customers everywhere

Business Insider

Disney slides after missing on revenue and ending its streaming agreement with Netflix

Business Insider

Neflix is dropping after Disney says it will pull its movies from the platform


Disney sued for tracking kids on its mobile games

Robotics Legal
TechCrunch , Business Insider

The Void is bringing a location-based Star Wars VR experience to Disney resorts

Virtual Reality Star Wars

Disney uses AI to predict viewers' expressions, but it isn't foolproof

Robotics Intelligent machines

Disney is using facial recognition to predict how you'll react to movies

Robotics Intelligent machines
@LanceUlanoff via Mashable , CNET

Disney's Magic Bench lets you play with AR characters without headset or smartphone

Robotics Virtual Reality
The Guardian

Kingdom Hearts 3: the RPG that crosses Disney and Final Fantasy

Gaming Star Wars Film