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@pkafka via Re/code

Fox and Disney want to sell their own Web TV bundle, via Hulu for $40 a month

Ars Technica , The Verge

Tom Wheeler: Comcast’s TV app proves the FCC is right about set-top boxes

Ars Technica

Google Fiber hits its fifth city, with a limited deployment in Nashville


Comcast Can Now Sell You Fiber Speeds Over Coax, Thanks to a New Modem

The Motley Fool , Bloomberg

Why Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. Jumped Again Today

The Verge , Re/code , CNET , +1

Comcast announces plan to buy DreamWorks Animation

Business Insider

7 reasons why Comcast acquiring DreamWorks is a terrible idea

@patricknorton via Ars Technica , The Verge , Bloomberg

Comcast boosts data cap from 300GB to 1TB; unlimited data will cost $50

The Verge , Business Insider , ZDNet , +4

Comcast is reportedly planning to buy DreamWorks for more than $3 billion

@hblodget via Business Insider , Bloomberg

Comcast reported solid quarterly earnings and lots of new cable subscribers

Bloomberg , The Verge , ZDNet , +3

Charter Takeover of Time Warner Cable Gets Antitrust Approval

Silicon Beat , Bloomberg

Google getting AT&T, Comcast to do its work on ultra-fast Internet?

The Verge

Starz tried to make streaming simpler, but Comcast customers are paying for it

The Motley Fool

Is Verizon Feeling the Pressure From Alphabet's

@reckless @ruhanirabin via The Verge

Comcast customers hate data caps, but making customers hurt is all part of the plan

The Motley Fool

Disney World's Biggest Rival Jacks Up Its Prices, Too


I've been paying for my set-top box for Xfinity months (The 3:59, Ep. 32)

Ars Technica

Comcast now lets some customers watch TV sans classic set-top box


Comcast unveils plan to ditch the cable box, FCC hints that it's not good enough


Comcast To Allow TV Customers To Ditch Set-Top Box