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The US government is investigating whether Comcast unfairly monopolizes the cable ad sales market

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Comcast Wants Customer Service Reps to Sell Users on Data Caps --

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Comcast launches online TV service that doesn’t count against data caps

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Here's Why Comcast's Wireless Service Won't Threaten AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint (for Now) --

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Comcast launches a $15 video streaming service that actually makes sense for cord cutters

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Comcast Corporation Wants to Offer a Quadruple-Play Bundle --


Hackers' sale of Comcast log-ins reminds us to change our password habits


Comcast to reset 200k passwords after suspected data breach

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Comcast may be feeling the squeeze of cord-cutters

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Comcast resets 200,000 email accounts after passwords leak

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Leaked Comcast memo reportedly admits data caps aren't about improving network performance


Comcast Expanding Data Cap Locations, Training Reps To Avoid Subject


Leaked Comcast scripts claim 'fairness' justifies new broadband data limits

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Comcast brings data caps to more cities, says it’s all about “fairness”

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Why Did Comcast Corporation Stock Jump 10% in October? --

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Comcast charging extra $35 for Atlanta customers who want unlimited data

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Comcast Wants to Bring the Worst Part of Your Cell-Phone Plan to Home Internet: Should It? --

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Jurassic World, Minions, and More: 5 Key Comcast Franchises for the Next Decade --

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Comcast Keeps Gaining at Disney World's Expense --

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