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Tinder now lets you send GIFs to your matches

The Next Web , VentureBeat , TechCrunch

Trello opens its platform to all developers and adds partners like Giphy and Zendesk

The Verge

Giphy Cam adds X-Files filters for people who still want to believe

The Next Web

There are new secret Slack Giphy commands, good luck with your productivity


Telegram’s new inline bots make it easy to send Giphy, YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDb content

TechCrunch , The Next Web , The Verge

Giphy Cam Adds Star Wars Overlays In First Introduction Of Featured Content

The Next Web

TNW’s Apps of the Year: Giphy knows just what you're trying to say


5 can't-miss apps: Giphy Cam, Picpal, Drop Messages and more


Giphy Cam 2.0 Lets You Import Pictures And Videos From Your Camera Roll

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Giphy updates its iOS app so you can share GIFs anywhere

The Verge , The Next Web , TechCrunch , +2

Giphy launches a super simple GIF creator for the web

The Next Web

These secret Giphy commands for Slack will change the way you GIF


Giphy Wants To Become A Full-Fledged, Gif-Based Media Company


Splash Integrates With Giphy Because Why Not?


Giphy Cam adds just the right level of insanity to GIFs [REVIEW]

The Verge

You should download this insanely fun GIF making app for iPhone right now


Giphy’s New App Turns Your Life Into a Parade of GIFs

TechCrunch , The Next Web , Business Insider , +1

Giphy Cam Lets You Create And Share Homemade Gifs

The Next Web

Giphy's new Chrome extension feeds animated madness with each tab

The Verge

Giphy just made it gloriously easy to email GIFs