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@davewiner via Ars Technica , Business Insider , TechCrunch , +8

Google beats Oracle—Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs

Ars Technica , Business Insider

How Oracle made its case against Google, in pictures

Business Insider

With billions at stake, here are the weirdest moments in Oracle's massive lawsuit against Google

Ars Technica , Bloomberg , TechCrunch , +1

Oracle slams Google to jury: “You don’t take people’s property”

Business Insider , Wired

Google's legal war with Oracle could undermine a core pillar of the software industry

TechCrunch , Business Insider , Ars Technica

Alphabet CEO Larry Page defends Android’s use of Java APIs in court

Business Insider

Oracle says Google generated more than $42 billion from Android

Ars Technica

Oracle Java architect conscripts Harry Potter in making the case against Google

Ars Technica , TechCrunch , TechCrunch , +1

Oracle CEO: Google’s Android broke Java in two

Ars Technica , Business Insider , ZDNet , +2

Oracle CEO Safra Catz: “We did not buy Sun to file this lawsuit”

The Motley Fool

Oracle Corporation Wants to Squeeze $9 Billion Out of Google


Oracle CX and SAS GBF: Product-focused companies in the throes of change

The Next Web

The Oracle v. Google trial draws sketchy image of Android's Java use


Oracle V. Google Being Decided By Clueless Judge and Jury


Google, Oracle court battle hinges on rights to brew with Java software

Business Insider

Here is the technology at the heart of the $9 billion legal war between Oracle and Google

Ars Technica

Oracle cross-examination of former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz falls flat

Ars Technica , Business Insider

On the stand, Google’s Eric Schmidt says Sun had no problems with Android

Ars Technica , Business Insider , VentureBeat , +1

Google took our property—and our opportunity, Oracle tells jury

Ars Technica , Bloomberg

Jury is picked for $9 billion Oracle v. Google showdown