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Google offered to buy social app Path for $100 million when it was 3 months old — but the founder turned it down


CrunchWeek: Path Found A Buyer, Google Overhauls Android, And What An Apple Car Might Look Like


What Is Daum Kakao And Why Did It Buy Path?

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Path acquired by the makers of a popular messaging app

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Path’s New App Kong Is A Selfie GIF Creation Machine


Elemental Path Debuts The First Toys Powered By IBM Watson

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This screenshot alone shows why 'Path Talk' is a must-download app

The Next Web

Path Talk Now Lets You Chat to Local Businesses in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand


Path Talk Places Launches In The UK, Ireland, Australia And New Zealand


Adaptive Path and the Death Rattle of the Web 2.0 Era

The Verge

Path Talk lets you text businesses instead of calling, and it actually works


Path's Latest Messaging Perk: You Can Now Text Local Businesses


Path's Talk App Gets Updated So You Can Send Messages To Places