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Skype for iOS now lets you reply to messages from notifications

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Skype now has real-time translation built in

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New Skype update includes Android Wear support


Skype suffers worldwide outage on Monday

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Skype Service Disrupted for Some Users Worldwide


Skype 'working on a fix' as communication service faces worldwide outage [Update]

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Skype is down worldwide for many users


Skype Mojis let you share TV and movie clips directly in your chats

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Skype lets you add Muppet videos to your chats with 'Moji'

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Skype just made GIFs better by adding credits


Skype Introduces Its Own Version Of Emojis

Business Insider

One of London's hottest fintech startups just lured a Silicon Valley veteran to be CTO

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Skype restricted my paid account, without recourse, over a billing hiccup

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New Skype beta integrates directly into Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft quietly releases Skype Messaging beta for Windows 10 Mobile

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T-Mobile launches native video calling starting with Samsung's latest phones

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“How can they be so good?”: The strange story of Skype

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Skype overhauled on iOS and Android with better navigation, search and swipe gestures


Skype redesigns its Android and iOS apps with easier navigation, enhanced search, and better multi-tasking

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Now you can ask Cortana to translate words and phrases for you in Windows 10