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TechCrunch , Business Insider , Bloomberg , +1

Theranos reaches settlement with investor Partner Fund Management

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TechCrunch , Ars Technica

Theranos says it has been mischaracterized in allegations the company faked tests

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Business Insider

Theranos is being accused of running fake tests using outside lab gear


Theranos Investors Say They Were Pressured to Abandon Lawsuit

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TechCrunch , Ars Technica

Theranos starts to agree to things

Business Insider , CNN Tech

Theranos just agreed to refund 175,000 people in Arizona who took its tests

Silicon Beat

Theranos gets wrist-slap fine from feds, agrees to do no clinical lab work for two years

Business Insider

Theranos will be able to operate a blood testing lab again in 2019

Silicon Beat

Theranos to investors: Please don't sue! Here, have some more shares

TechCrunch , Ars Technica , WSJD

Theranos is offering investors Elizabeth Holmes’ shares if they promise not to sue

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Business Insider

Ruport Murdoch reportedly sold $125 million in Theranos stock for just $1

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Second Theranos Lab Has Blood-Testing License Revoked

TNW , TechCrunch

Troubled blood-testing company Theranos earned precisely nothing in 2015 and 2016


Theranos Had $200 Million in Cash Left at Year-End

Silicon Beat

Theranos: 'Failures in nearly every aspect of laboratory operation'


This is what a venture capitalist in deep, deep denial sounds like: Theranos backer Tim Draper

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TechCrunch , Business Insider

Theranos closes its last remaining blood-testing lab after it reportedly failed an inspection

Health Report

Second Theranos Lab Failed U.S. Inspection

Business Insider

Theranos just made another major leadership change

Health Strategy
TechCrunch , WSJD

Arizona plans to sue Theranos over faulty blood tests