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How can we enhance farmers' agricultural compliance and limit burdensome regulations using data-driven solutions?

Initiated by Rabobank, Data4Food aims to contribute to feeding the world both safely and sustainably by 2050. Rabobank uses data and analytics to support clients whilst strengthening being a trusted bank in this sector. Achieving sustainability within the full supply chain that encompasses different countries is, however, not an easy task. Data4Food aims to leverage the power of innovation to support the Food & Agri (F&A) value chain. This is possible by working smarter through data to increase yield and reduce waste. We kick off this three year program with a search for applicable digital solutions that help tackle farmer challenges.
  •   Rabobank provides access to finance, network and knowledge

  •   Collaborate with Rabobank to realize an MVP or pilot

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Challenge Details

Globally the F&A sector has been under increasing scrutiny from public authorities to guarantee higher safety and environmental standards. Over time, regulations have not only become significant elements in the F&A chain, but also add up as a financial risk. The latter, makes the regulatory domain increasingly interesting for data-driven ‘LegTech’ solutions.


Rabobank Data4Food is looking to harness the power of intelligent data solutions that leverage technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic analysis and chatbots to dynamically understand agricultural regulation and compliance requirements with increased efficiency. Through dynamic smart solutions we can support our clients in growing their business within the bounds of regulation.


Startups that provide insight in meeting compliance and revealing regulatory driven opportunity to help the F&A sector focus on its core business are candidate for potential partnership with Rabobank. This domain has proven to be relatively underdeveloped in the F&A sector and therefore existing tools within other industrial domains are also relevant. If your solution simplifies regulatory compliance by utilizing technology and you are ready to change the F&A sector, the Data4Food program is for you!


‘Growing a better world together’ is the promise of Rabobank to society. As the leading global F&A-bank, Rabobank is determined to contribute to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities generated by a rapidly increasing global population. However, to meet the growing demand for food in a world with decreasing arable land and available natural resources, global agricultural production will have to increase significantly in a sustainably manner. Rabobank offers access to finance, knowledge, networks and data & innovation, all with one goal in mind to feed the world sustainably by 2050 whilst supporting its customers achieving their business goals.


The Data4Food program is designed to construct a Global F&A data capability where multiple sources of data can be combined to develop new reusable services, products and business models. However, challenges with the magnitude of the global food world problem should be counteracted together. Therefore, Rabobank Data4Food is working together with innovative new F&A market players as well as established technological partners to bring disruptive innovation to the sector. All in all, these initiatives contribute to the F&A Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 4 pillars model of food security: increasing the availability of food, improving access to food, promoting balanced nutrition and increasing stability.


Amongst others, Data4Food works along the lines of technological trends such as: precision agriculture, satellite technology, advanced sensing technology, soil monitoring, nutrient measurement and more. It is in this context that Rabobank has gone beyond traditional banking. It is now a front-runner in the sector promoting and facilitating data-driven developments throughout the entire F&A value chain.

Practical Details

Rabobank will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a full-day event in the Netherlands on the 29th of May. The top applicants get the chance to pitch their solution and have a one-on-one conversation with key Rabobank stakeholders. Do you have a solution that helps farmers and/or the F&A value chain by getting more out of their business and want to partner up with Rabobank Data4Food to implement or further develop this solution together?

  • As a global leader in F&A, Rabobank provides access to finance, network and knowledge
  • The winner is handed the opportunity to partner up with Rabobank Data4Food in order to collaborate and realize an MVP or a pilot
  • Potential access to the extensive Rabobank-owned startup activities, including investment funds, investor network, pitch competition, accelerator and more
April 19
Open applications
May 13
Deadline applications
May 17
Announcement of selected startups
June 11
Selection Event at Rabobank HQ (NL)
June 12
Pilot Shaping Event at Rabobank HQ (NL)

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