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ISS Open Innovation Program: Smart Buildings for Smart People

As the world’s leading global service organisation, ISS has thousands of customers with an appetite for innovation. In the last months ISS has developed a proposition that facilitates access to our clients, and equips startups with the resources needed for scaling up.
  •   A year round program tailored to innovative startups

  •   Win a fully funded pilot of €10.000,- with one of ISS’ customers

  •   Guidance and implementation support to a successful partnership

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Challenge Details


The upcoming open innovation theme is "Smart Buildings for Smart People" and is all about the user experience of the Internet of Things, empowering employees through integration of buildings, bytes, and behaviours, and putting energy and sustainability on the front of the stage.


Do you offer a digital solution in the field of smart buildings that contributes to:

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability?
  • User health and wellness?
  • Bridging the skills gap?
  • Productivity and efficiency?
  • Factory experience and manufacturing processes?
  • Co-working and community building?


By applying to the ISS Open Innovation Program, you’ll get the chance to be invited for an intake meeting at ISS HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark, and, if successful, join the portfolio of solutions that ISS will help scale.



Innovation starts with needs. A deep understanding of the pains and gains of business. Getting ideas is the easy part, execution is a lot harder, because it involves testing ideas with customers in the real world. ISS now introduces a new and exclusive programme for our key customers to accelerate innovation in and around Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate.


The ISS Open Innovation Programme is designed to uncover the challenges at the edge of your core business, and to scout for and source solutions in the wider ecosystem of mature technology startups. But that’s not all. We’ll hold your hand all the way from first encounter to enterprise scale implementation.

  • Creating a flexible environment to support teams, agility, and leadership in the workspace and workforce
  • ISS will facilitate your connection to global customers
  • With the expertise of TNW you will be guided towards the best approach to corporate startups collaboration
  • €10.000,- will be allocated to the execution of a 100 days pilot
  • After the pilot, if successful, you'll be in a position to scale your solution within the ISS network
Practical Details


What you get?

  • A fully funded pilot of €10.000,- with one of ISS’ customers
  • Fitted around your needs, ISS will build a customized and fully committed scaling team of key commercial, strategic, and process professionals that will guide you through your pilot and scaling process
  • Additionally, the ISS commercial team will pitch your solution to more than a hundred of their global, regional, and local customers.
  • You will expand your knowledge and gain insights into the corporate universe.
  • ISS partners and TNW will offer mentorship tracks and free access to a wide range of conferences including TNW Conference.


With ISS as your big brother, you will strengthen your legitimacy in the industry and scale your business exponentially.

  • You're a startup working on a solution on smart buildings
  • If selected you are willing to travel to Copenhagen on January 27 and 28, 2020
  • Your product or service is innovative and scalable
September 30th, 2019
Opening Applications for "Smart Buildings" Track
November 31st, 2019
First feedback on the challenge of Smart Buildings for Smart People
December 20th, 2019
Closing Applications & Winners announcement
January 27th and 28th, 2020
Selection and Shaping Days at ISS Corporate Garage in Copenhagen (Denmark)
January 29th, 2020
Start of the 100 Days Pilot for the selected startups

Sorry, we no longer accept applications!