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Don’t Count on 23andMe to Detect Most Breast Cancer Risks, Study Warns

CNBC , MIT Tech Review

23andMe is hoping to reach millions more users with a new genetic report on diabetes

$20,000,000 Venture capital (Series A)
PE Hub

Peltarion attracts $20 mln Series A


Peltarion Secures US$20M in Series A Funding

Business Insider

23andMe is upending how we find new drugs, and the CEO says 13 are now in early trials

$176,000,000 IPO
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VC-backed biotech company Alector goes public


23andMe updates its ancestry reports, but they’re still not perfect

$65,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)
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Ribon Therapeutics lands $65 mln Series B


Day 13 of TNW’s Advent Deals: Sonos, HP, and 23andMe

$21,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)
FinSMEs , PE Hub

Kallyope Raises $21M Expansion of Series B Financing


Amazon Black Friday 2018: 23andMe DNA Test Gets A Steep Price Cut


23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki says ‘one of our biggest competitors’ is fake science on sites like Goop

The Hard Times

PC Master Race Gamer Horrified After 23andMe Shows He’s 1/5th Console Gamer


Meet the Quirky Genes That Determine Who You Are in 23andMe's New Ad Campaign


23andMe might soon offer a more comprehensive $749 DNA service

Apps & Services Science

23andMe has pledged to follow new guidelines on how they handle people's DNA

Privacy Health
Fast Company

23AndMe and Ancestry want you to stop worrying about giving them your DNA

The Verge

23andMe and other DNA-testing firms promise not to share data without consent

$300,000,000 Private equity

23andMe Receives $300M Strategic Investment from GSK

Health Science
$133,000,000 Venture capital (Series E)
FinSMEs , PE Hub

Biotech Company Alector Raises $133M in Series E Financing

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