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Tumblr's new GIF maker can animate any of your videos

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ISIS Fan Faces Federal Charge After Reblogging A GIF On Tumblr


Tumblr rolls out instant messaging for iOS, Android and web

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Tumblr is adding a chat feature for Web and mobile users

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Tumblr gets instant messaging on Android, iOS, and the Web

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38 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured Your Netflix Addiction


You can now follow Tumblr searches on your dashboard

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16 Thought-Provoking Social Justice Blogs On Tumblr

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Ignore all the sensationalist hand-wringing about YouTube Red

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Ev Williams on what's next for Medium


Tumblr is recycling usernames that haven’t been accessed for years

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Tumblr now lets you hide your blog from the internet

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Nescafé declares the brand website 'dead' as it moves to Tumblr

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Tumblr now has its own clothing line designed by some of its biggest bloggers

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The Stylish Men of Tumblr

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Tumblr reblogs just got a lot cleaner, and a little less charming

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Tumblr is making comments more readable for mobile, but it's losing a touch of charm


Tumblr Finally Makes “Reblogs” More Readable, Especially On Mobile Devices

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9 all-purpose, super-easy online Web builders let you tell a story or sell your stuff

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Developers can now add native Tumblr sharing to their apps