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Sliver.tv launches Tilted Trivia game for Twitch esports fans

Sports Gaming
The Robot Report

TUSimple's Deep Learning Approach to Self-Driving Trucks

$20,000,000 ICO

Sliver.tv raises $20 million in ICO presale to improve esports streaming

$55,000,000 Venture capital (Series C)
ChinaMoneyNetwork , CrunchBase

Chinese Autonomous Truck Technology Firm TuSimple Raises $55M In Series C Round

Self driving cars Funding

Check out these 3 AR/VR companies getting investors' attention

Funding Virtual Reality Apps & Services
$9,800,000 Venture capital (Series A)
UploadVR , TechCrunch , PE Hub

eSports VR Broadcaster SLIVER.tv Nets $9.8 Million In Investments

$20,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)
ZDNet , TechCrunch , Xconomy

Nvidia invests in autonomous trucking startup TuSimple

$6,200,000 Seed fund
TechCrunch , VentureBeat

Sliver.tv is a VR Twitch for your favorite eSports titles

Virtual Reality Sports