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Tech Times

Tesla Model S Plaid: Peak Acceleration is at 1.2 G's, Elon Musk Says Its 'Faster than Failing'

NBC News Tech

Biden wants millions of electric vehicles on the roads. Can the power grid handle it?

Tech Times

Tesla Model S Plaid Comes With New Hidden Features - Here's What You Might Have Missed


Altered microstructure improves organic-based, solid state lithium EV battery

The Verge , TechCrunch

Canoo will build its electric vehicles at a new Oklahoma factory


Ford acquires Electriphi as it prepares to woo EV fleet customers


Hybrid membrane doubles the lifetime of rechargeable batteries

3D Printing Industry

CeramTec validates heat-resistance of new e-mobility power conductor module


SolarTaxi Adds The XPeng G3 To Its Growing Range Of EV Models For Sale & Leasing In Ghana!

Fast Company

Why Ford’s electric F-150 pickup is a turning point for car culture

Forbes Tech

Ford Acquires Electriphi To Help With Key Commercial Fleet EV Strategy

The Verge

Jaguar Land Rover says it’s developing a hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle


GM, Ford outdo each other with electric vehicle investments


Semiconductor technology mitigates fire risk in electric vehicle batteries


Lincoln’s first EV will arrive in 2022 with three more to follow


Tesla urged by German Minister to unlock Supercharging for all EVs


Elon Musk ponders using ‘informational’ Tesla advertisements for public awareness

The Verge , TechXplore

General Motors’ electric vehicle plan just got even more expensive

Ars Technica

Polestar picks the US to build its next electric vehicle


Polestar (sort of) reveals new SUV, its first U.S.-made electric vehicle