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The Robot Report

WaveSense develops ground-penetrating radar for vehicles, robots


Fund of funds Moravia Capital set to make India debut


Research team develops voice localization techniques for smart speakers

the home of AI info

ForwardX debuts computer vision AMR fleet


Flow Playground

$4,000,000 Seed fund

Trell raises pre-Series A funding from Sequoia’s Surge, Fosun RZ


Xseed at 15: Taking Japanese games from niches to hits

Tech Times

Homophobic? Atlus Edits Persona 5 Royal Some Scenes for Western Release to Remove Negative Light

Pulse 2.0

Mark Hjerpe Joins Lingotek As Chief Revenue Officer

the home of AI info

Deep learning for automated seizure localization

Windows Central Gaming

Is Project xCloud the key to success for Xbox in Asia?


Collaborative simultaneous localization and mapping technique uses available Wi-Fi networks

the home of AI info

Machine Dubbing: Amazon AI Opens New Chapter in Automating Media Localization

the home of AI info

JetBrains to reimagine IntelliJ as text editor, add machine learning

the home of AI info

Applying Deep Learning to Localization Microscopy

IoT Business News

IoT News - Verizon and HERE join forces to create revolutionary safety and navigational systems

Nieman Lab

Hands across America: How to make local/national journalism collaborations work

the home of AI info

Chinese self-driving, refrigerated truck travels across US

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Tarjama Launches its Digital Platform for Online-Translation, Transcription and Content Creation ...

the home of AI info

Xpeng internal autonomous vehicle technology keeps prices low