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Use our intuitive search to create a powerful query, find companies that matter.

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Tweak and perfect criteria, then save your search as a list.

Track leads in lists

Static and self-updating lists of companies help you track developments of companies that matter.

Enrich your workflows

Connect with Zapier, and send data to 1,000+ other apps to enrich your workflow.

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Get new Index funding rounds of companies in a list via Slack message

Deliver yourself funding data when it happens, as it happens. This Zapier integration lets you build a dynamic funding-only newsfeed about startups in a Slack channel on your workspace. Let Index separate the funding news from the general news so you never miss a round.


Add new Index companies matching list criteria as organizations in Pipedrive

Gain deeper insights and more actionable data into your Pipedrive leads. This Zapier integration helps to add investment data to your Pipedrive companies whenever you have a new company in a list from Index so that you will know exactly when to act and kickstart a relationship.

Google Sheets

Add new Index funding rounds as rows in Google Sheets

Investment news from startup world is spread across hundreds of blogs, social media accounts, and company websites. With this Zapier integration, the Index funding information you care about can be written to a Google Sheet, saving you time on all that searching and reading.


Get new Index articles about companies sent as Slack Channel messages

Keep yourself informed automatically on important news coverage throughout your working day. This Zapier integration makes it easy to build a dynamic news-reader inside Slack by pushing new articles appearing on an Index list to a Slack channel in your workspace, saving you time scouring the tech news landscape for updates.


Add new Index funding rounds as records in Airtable

Do you want to track funding events of companies in your Airtable? This integration will automatically push new investments in Index companies in a list of your choice when a new funding round is detected as new records in Airtable.


Add article links to campaign drafts in Mailchimp

Take the legwork out of your weekly news gathering for your newsletter. Using and Index list to track companies in sectors important to your community, you can automatically put article links in a Mailchimp campaign draft, leaving you the time to write the editorial content!